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How to Convert OFP Files to Scatter

Most of what we find from the files for these two devices is in OFP format. When you download this file, it will be equipped with DownloadTools. To be able to use this Flashtool, you are required to have a username and password.

So what if you don't have one? As a solution, you can just flash it using the SP Flash Tool. Because this application is specifically for devices with Mediatek chipsets. Therefore, you should not misunderstand.


In this post, we will share tips that can help you further with stock firmware. Because installing the firmware is our advice for those of you who want to repair the device. Basically this will fix a lot of things when the device encounters problems with the operating system.

Firmware is the first support for the device and it must be prepared beforehand. However, some of the firmwares use the same format. Usually this is for smartphones with Oppo and Realme models.

Now you want to flash your device using SP Flash Tool. Then you can just do it as long as the support is right. Through this post, we try to help you simply on how to extract OFP files to Scatter.

We have tried this and it is enough to use a free tool. You can follow our steps so you can understand how. As a first step, you first download the file that you want to extract. Then you save it in a folder on your computer.

Not all OFP files can be modified. How to change the OFP file to Scatter is fairly easy. Many have already discussed this support. Still this is for firmware files with Mediatek processor chipset smartphones.

Before you change the file that you have downloaded, first know the specifications of your smartphone. If the chipset is Qualcomm, it certainly can't. Because this chipset also has its own flashtool support.

How to Convert OFP Files to Scatter

  1. Once your OFP firmware is ready, just download the mct_ofp_extractor and extract it.
  2. Extract the OPPO or Realme OFP file that you have.
  3. Open the mct_ofp_extractor application.
  4. If it is already open, click the three dots on the Choose Oppo/Realme OFP file.
  5. Find the OFP firmware from the folder you extracted earlier.
  6. Then click Choose in the output directory to extract column. Create a new folder on your computer to save the Scatter file.
  7. Then click EXTRACT. Click ABORT if you want to cancel.
  8. This process may take a few minutes. Just wait until the process is complete.

Those are the tips from us that can be discussed through this article. Hopefully it can be useful for all. Select the latest version of SP Flash Tool so that flashing runs well. Sometimes there are Scatter files which are not compatible with the old version.

Warning! : Use this tutorial only if you are 100% sure about the risk of making changes to your device. is not responsible for any damage caused by using the files and guides on this website.  Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR)!

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