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How to Flash Sony Xperia Z3+ Erase PIN Pattern, Docomo SO-03G Global Firmware

On this occasion we will talk about how to solve the problem of forgotten patterns, password PIN, screen lock hp Sony Xperia Z3+ (Z3 plus)

By default to meghapus pattern, screen lock, pin or password lock screen we will lose all data that is in the internal memory, such as videos, photos, contacts and others. So there is a special way to delete patterns without data loss, but the way must be done by professional technicians because the long process must have a skil either from the side of software or hardware.

Okay, back to the problem of forgetting the sony xperia Z3+ pattern, to solve that we can not do with the method of hard reset finger gymnastics. so how dong to overcome forgotten sony xperia Z3+ pattern...? Take it easy a lot of the way to Rome.

To solve the problem of forgetting the pattern of Sony Xperia Z3+ SO-03G we have to do flashing. Before doing so, keep in mind the flashing method can cause Totally Death in case the hardware condition in this case is already weak EMMC. So be wise and always confirm to the user before we execute related to the risk.

How to Flash Sony Xperia Z3+ Erase PIN Pattern, Docomo SO-03G Global Firmware

  • Make sure Brother already downloaded and Sony Flash tool 64 from G-drive , for those who use Windows 32 bit, can download from this G-drive. Don't forget to install sony flashtool before execution
  • Download Docomo SO-03G Global Firmware from G-drive . Don't forget to extract the firmware after downloading.
  • Download and Install Sony Xperia Driver.
  • Open Drive C:Program Files - Flashtool - open flashtool.exe, it will display as shown below: 

  • Click the Flash or lightning bolt button
  • Now, you'll see the Bootmade selector menu. Select FlashMode then Ok
  • Next, click the Browse button (the dots button on the right) then navigate to the Docomo SO-03G Global Firmware folder.
  • Now, click on the Flash button to start the flashing process.
  • Switch Off / Turn Off Your Xperia Device, then connect to your PC/Laptop while pressing the Volume Min button
  • If the device is successfully connected to the computer then you will be able to see the message added in xperia flashtool.
  • And then the flashing process will run automatically, this takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
Once the Flashing process is complete, disconnect your device from the computer and turn it on (the first boot process after flashing is usually a little longer than the usual boot process) Finished...

Note: Upgrading and Downgrading the system on smartphone devices is a serious step that you should pay attention to. Make sure you have backed up your previous data if there is important data stored on your device or smartphone.

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