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How to Hard Reset Advan S7C

Any existing problem can be solved quickly if you already know how. If you do not know very well about what actions are right to complete, through this page you can immediately learn.

In this post, we'll try to explain all the important stages and that's easy to understand. If you know, how to hard reset Advan S7C can also help you to overcome Bootloop.

How to Hard Reset Advan S7C can be a solution to restore factory settings. Includes overcoming forgotten passwords, hangs, errors, and that's the case with your tablet right now.

Therefore, we will discuss this tutorial so that you do not have to bother or get into trouble. In addition, you also do not have to leave the house just to repair your device. Once the tablet has returned to normal, you can use it as usual.

Either play games, or other needs that can be useful for yourself. Usually, tablet devices are identical to many filled with game apps. Perhaps it can be determined yourself after the tablet has been repaired.

While waiting for the video to be fully uploaded, we'll explain exactly what's needed for how to hard reset advan S7C. Because in addition to explaining with text, we will also supplement these tips with video tutorials.

That's if the tablet does not have constraints on the software. Because when the device is stuck dilogo, most likely only because of the fullness of the data. This causes the tablet to be unable to load into the Android system.

When the device already encounters such a problem or full memory, it is necessary to stage to reset the factory data. This method can only be done through recovery mode or settings. Of course, you also need to know how to get your tablet in the dimenu.

The first thing before starting this action is, you should know that this plan can just delete your data. If the tablet is bootloop, it may not be canceled. You'll need to reset your device to fix it right away.

We will provide two different methods about this step. All you can choose and which ones you can apply to your tablet.

Here's How to Hard Reset Advan S7C via Recovery

Step 1: Charge your Advan tablet first. Be sure to have about 50% or more of power before starting this.

Step 2: Try to turn off your tablet (Turn Off), if it's on.

Step 3: Next, press the Volume Down or Volume Up button and the Power button and hold down until the Advan logo appears on your device's screen.

Step 4: Wait a moment for the tablet to enter Recovery Mode with a few options.

Step 5: You can use the Volume button for navigation and the Power button for execution.

Step 6: You can navigate to Wipe cache partition and confirm Yes. Wait until the wiping cache process says complete.

Step 7: Navigate again to Wipe data/factory reset and confirm Yes. You can wait again until the wipe data shows complete.

Step 8: Once you're done, you can select Reboot system. Let your device restart.

Aside from what we have explained, you can also find out the second method on how to hard reset Advan S7C. It's a lot easier than the first one. You can make this the right solution when the tablet is not bootloop.

How to Reset Advan S7C Factory Data from Settings

  • You can start by going to the Settings menu on your device's screen.
  • Also make sure the battery is sufficient.
  • After that, open the Backup & Reset option.
  • Just select Reset factory data. Some data such as accounts and other apps will be deleted.
  • Then, select Delete all.
  • Let the tablet restart itself.

You've completed some of the steps we've covered on this page. Now you can see the condition of the tablet as new again. It is also possible that you will have to configure from the first time the tablet reboots.

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