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How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A50s SM-A507FN

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A50s SM-A507FN as a solution to overcome bootloop (Stuck On Logo) and is a step to perform a software update. It can also be to overcome forgotten password (Pattern Unlock) and maybe some other things that we will not mention.

And if it is new experienced by your device. Feel free to try our advice to first return to factory settings. This is very useful under certain conditions and you should not doubt the action. How to flash Samsung Galaxy A50s you can choose next.

Each smartphone has different advantages and disadvantages. That's the problem that could happen. You can look for guides that can help you solve obstacles.

If you think it's just a small mistake, you can just choose to reset the factory data. Through this page, I will give you a tutorial that is completely in accordance with the procedure.

With this guide, you can understand more about improvements. Don't let you not know the important things beyond what you understand. Then drai tu, I recommend to copy your data first as an act of doing backups.

Usually if it's just a hang problem, it's easier and it doesn't take long to solve. Hard reset is very useful for the process of wipe data and discard applications that have been added. Perhaps the hang was caused by an almost full memory.

That's if you can still do it. If your device has already bootloop, how to flash Samsung Galaxy A50s can be started right now. Restoring smartphones that have experienced this can only be done with this method.

For that, you prepare now all that will be needed. Regarding firmware and other equipment we have discussed before. Please download some of the necessary files to be able to start this step.

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A50s SM-A507FN

1. Charge your Samsung smartphone up to a battery level of about 50% or more. It becomes the main thing you have to think about.

2. As we have already said, please download the following file in preparation for flashing support.

3. Extract the firmware file you just downloaded and you will get a separate folder along with 5 binary files.

4. Install the SAMSUNG driver file on your computer first.

5. Disable your device first by pressing the Power button and confirm the power off. Restart your device. To do this, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and then hold down while plugging with the USB cable to your Computer. It is better to use the original USB cable you get with your phone.

6. If on the screen you have already said 'Warning' with another command, just press the Volume Up button, until the device is in 'Odin Mode' as the following example.

7. Once in 'Downloading Mode' as above, just open 'Tools Odin'. You will see that 'Odin' detects your device with a BLUE box and appears with the number 'COM port'.

8. Next, add each file to each field in Odin according to the column name that is, (BL, AP, CP, CSC). Use a CSC file if you want to do a clean flash or HOME CSC if you want to save your apps and data.

9. We recommend, do not check the additional boxes and the only options to choose are 'F Reset Time' and 'Auto-Reboot'.

10. After that, click the 'Start' button. Wait for Odin to flash until he says 'PASS' in the top green box.

11. Once the flash is complete, your phone will reboot, and you can disconnect the smartphone from the USB cable.

You have successfully updated your device as we have described. Now you can see that the smartphone restarted for the first time loading.

It probably won't take long and you can also while looking at the results. If you need configuration from the beginning, you can complete that step and then sign in to your account. When you get here, you can usually use your device.

Warning! : Use this tutorial only if you are 100% sure about the risk of making changes to your device. is not responsible for any damage caused by using the files and guides on this website.  Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR)!

That's a tutorial on how to flash Samsung Galaxy A50s from us that can be discussed in this post.

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