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Official Firmware Oppo A11k CPH2083

 If indeed your device finds this problem or what is commonly known as stuck on the logo, you can immediately install the official recommended ROM.

Through this page, I will try to provide you the links related to the official Oppo A11k firmware which you can get directly from support. If you don't have it yet, you can download it now.

You can select OTA update files that you can install via recovery mode using an SD card. As a solution to the forgot password problem if this is the case, you can select the file with Tools and it is already available in a firmware package.

Flashing is an easy way for you to repair your smartphone in some of the cases described. Not only because of software, but also some of them such as unlocking FRP Accounts.

You can also repair your device by resetting factory settings to start erasing all data. This is the step you can take first and you can apply it to a solution when your device is less responsive, or sluggish in opening applications.

However, if your smartphone is already in a bootloop state, you can fix it by installing the official firmware. Now you can download the Oppo A11k firmware which you will need for flashing preparation.

Firmware Oppo A11k (CPH2083) Official flash file for software update and repair solutions. When you want to fix your device that's currently bootloop, this is a ROM which you can download as the main support file.

The thing that is recommended to improve system stability on your device is updating the firmware. Even though the latest version of ROM is not available yet, you can still use the Oppo A11k firmware with the same version as the one currently installed on your device.

Update action is very helpful to recover all existing problems. Of course, there is something to do with software and not hardware. Usually, such as problems with bugs, crashes, system applications have stopped and so on.

Official Firmware Oppo A11k CPH2083

Version number: CPH2083PUEX_11_OTA_0390_all_kXjn9i3xfDGG.ozip

Update Date: 16-09-2020

OTA Update via Recovery

Size: 2.8GB


Once you have the file, you can set the update steps through the guide described. This is if you have never done it or do not really understand about this action.

Usually as a new smartphone user, you don't know about software updates. In fact, this is one of the recommended steps to increase system security on your device.

That's my recommendation in this post regarding the Oppo A11k firmware. Hopefully it can be a support file that can help to fix your device from existing problems.

Important note: Backup your data before the flash stage is done. This action will erase all user data including Contacts, SMS Messages, Media such as Photos and Videos stored on the internal memory of your smartphone. Except, the smartphone is experiencing a bootloop and backup opportunities cannot be done. Think again before continuing with this process.

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