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How To install firmware Vivo Y51 PD1510F via QFIL

When your device does need completion and repair, feel free to start this step. All you can do yourself through the existing tutorial. You can learn more about the correct solution to the problem that occurs.

On this page, I will try to explain in detail how to install firmware Vivo Y51 using Windows PC / laptop support. In addition, this method also requires additional tools.

How To install  firmware Vivo Y51 PD1510F via QFIL can be the right method if you can't do a software update via recovery mode. This action can help overcome bootloop, forgot password (Pattern Unlock) and several other cases that occur on the device.

It's not like installing an update which only requires one file. If you want to install the firmware via any other method, this is what you can understand right now. Don't make your device unusable for too long.

Now the main thing you have to do is wipe data. It is an important goal to restore system settings to original. If this is possible, your device can be repaired easily. That is if the smartphone does not have problems with software.

Usually, I also reset the factory data of my own smartphone with the data wiping step. This is very safe to do because it doesn't take long. If you have never understood this action, you can also listen to my tips.

How to flash Vivo Y51 using a PC really helps to make your steps easier when it can only be installed via this method. This is if the smartphone indicates failed or failed when installing the update. Sometimes there are positions where the device doesn't want to be flashed with this method.

For this reason, you can take alternative ways to be able to repair your smartphone. Moreover, to solve the Vivo Y51 bootloop due to software problems. Although this doesn't happen often, it could be this time for you.

Maybe today you did get an error because you suddenly forgot your device screen lock or password. Now you can solve it all easily. How to flash Vivo Y51 can be the right solution.

How To install  firmware Vivo Y51 PD1510F via QFIL

Stage 1: Before starting, charge your Vivo smartphone with at least 50 percent battery or more.

Stage 2: Download all of the following required files:


Stage 3: Extract the file that you have downloaded from the link that I have provided.

Stage 4: Install the MTP USB Driver file first until it shows finish. If you previously installed Qualcomm USB Driver on your Windows PC / Laptop, just ignore this step.

Stage 5: After that, you can open QFIL Tools. If there is a security warning, just select Run as.

Stage 6: Click the Browse button then add the file 'prog emmc firehose 8939 ddr.mbn' from the firmware. First connect the USB cable to the port on your PC / laptop.

Stage 7: Next, you can continue to click Load XML. Find the file 'rawprogram0' then confirm Open. Select again the file named 'patch0' and click Open to add the Vivo Y51 file from the firmware. Like the following example.

Stage 8: If you have added the data correctly, then click the 'Download' button on the Tools.

Stage 9: Turn Off Your Device. Then, press and hold Volume Down and Volume Up button, then connect with USB cable to Windows PC / Laptop. So, the smartphone will be detected by QFIL Tools according to its port number. For example 'Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM)'.

Stage 10: When the smartphone is connected properly, the Vivo Y51 flash progress will take place and this will take a long time. It depends on the data that Tools will write.

Stage 11: Wait until QFIL says 'Download Finish'. This means, the firmware flashing is complete. You can disconnect the device from the USB cable connection.

Congratulations! You have completed this stage properly through the above guide on how to flash Vivo Y51. Now the smartphone has been updated and you can see the results. If possible, you will see the loading device.

Also, you can prepare your smartphone from factory again. If needed, you must log in to an account that was previously active on your device.

This is the tutorial on how to flash Vivo Y51 using a computer. Hopefully this can be the right guide for all of you.

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