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How To Flash Oppo A3S CPH1803 without auth QFIL

Hello, meet me again, the admin of the most working tutorial site , this time I will share a flash tutorial for Oppo A3S with type (CPH1803) which has problems with the system such as bootloop (stuck logo), pattern locked, forgot password and so on. others can be fixed by re-flash as I will explain in this article.

I have tried this method of flashing the Oppo A3S (CPH1803) using QFIL and it is 100% successful to repair a total death due to software, and as evidence at the same time to make it easier to understand how to flash Oppo A3S (CPH1803) I will include a video tutorial at the end of the article.

Before doing the Oppo A3S flash process, you should first confirm the detail type of the Oppo A3S you want to flash, whether it matches the firmware that I use here or not, because if the firmware doesn't match the detailed version of the HP Oppo A3S you want to flash, then the flash process will fail.

As usual before doing the flash process Oppo A3S, you should first back up all data stored on the internal memory (cellphone memory) because after the flash process is complete all data will be erased like when you first bought a new one, but if you already can't enter the menu , that means you have to be willing to lose data. Then how do you deal with software-damaged Oppo A3s? see this article to the end.

Flash Oppo A3S CPH1803 without auth  QFIL:

  1. Download firmware CPH1803EX_11_A.03_180720_88dff542_QFIL by clicking the download link> wait 5 seconds then click skip / skip> click allow or allow> later it will be automatically redirected to the MediaFire page
  2. Extract the Oppo A3S firmware downloaded earlier by right clicking> then select extract here (password: evilicacelldotcom) and wait until the extract process is complete
  3. Download Oneplus_Qualcomm_Driver.rar in this way then extract and install all the drivers in the .exe format right click> select Run as administrator and install until it's finished
  4. Download qpst-2-7-430.msi (QFIL) in this way then install by right clicking> select Run as administrator and install as usual until it's finished
  5. Run QFIL that was installed earlier, it usually appears on the Windows start menu> right-click QFIL then select Run as administrator and wait for QFIL to open 

  6. In the Select Build Type, change to Flat Build then in the Select Programmer section click Browser then point to prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr.mbn (in the extracted firmware folder) 

  7. In the Download section click Load XML then point to rawprogram0 click Open then patch0 click Open
  8. Position the Oppo A3S off and filled with batteries, then press and hold volume up and volume down while connecting to a PC using a USB cable it will be detected as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008
  9. Then click the Download button on Qfil to start the flashing process and the Oppo A3S flash process will run automatically and wait for the flash process to complete

After the flashing process of the Oppo A3S CPH1803 is finished, it is marked with the words success / finish on Qfil, then you can disconnect the USB cable from the HP Oppo A3S then turn it on by pressing the power button as usual and waiting for it to enter the main menu.

If the flash process of Oppo A3S via QFIL has been completed 100% without errors, but the condition of the Oppo A3S cellphone is still problematic or there is no change, you can check the following article "flash is successful but still has problems" for an explanation and how to solve it.

Warning! : Use this tutorial only if you are 100% sure about the risk of making changes to your device. is not responsible for any damage caused by using the files and guides on this website.  Do With Your Own Risk (DWYOR)!

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