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How to Bypass FRP Vivo Y69 Forgot Account

If you do have this problem with your device then it's time to solve it very easily. This Vivo Y69 frp action is certainly very safe because it uses special tools. So, don't hesitate to do it right away so that your device can return to normal.

Actually, there are several things that we need to understand when using a smartphone. Whether it's a smartphone at a high price or a cheap one. This is for all types in which you are required to have an active email account.

When you have reset your screen lock password, you will usually be asked to log in to the associated email account. Or you will get a warning like 'Because the device has just been reset, please log in with the previous email account'.

When this happens, of course you will be confused if you don't know for sure about your own account. If you forgot accidentally, this is what you need to do. This is so that your device can enter the menu and you use it.

If it's still associated with your account, of course you won't be able to complete some of the other configurations. Especially after resetting factory data to restart system settings. How to bypass Vivo Y69 FRP to overcome account forgetting is the right step to do right now.

Only a few minutes, your device can be ready with new settings such as factory settings. You no longer need to log in using the previous email. In fact, you can create a new email account on your device.

Since it's about the account, so you have to be really thorough and keep a good record of your account. If there is a problem such as you forgot the pattern or password of the main screen lock, it may be another problem that can be solved by a different action. I have also explained in the previous post to solve this problem.

How to Bypass FRP Vivo Y69 Forgot Account

1.Please download the following four ingredients first.

2. Also try to make sure that your Vivo device's battery is charged to about 50% or more.

3. Extract the file from the download and just open the SP Flashtool folder. Run As Administrator      Flash_tool application. Next, press the keyboard keys Ctrl + Alt + V for setting Advance Mode.

4. Still on Flashtool, in the Authentication column, click Choose then add the auth_sv5.auth file.

5. In Flashtool select the Format tab then select Manual Format Flash again. At the Begin Address, enter: 0x2a88000 and in the Format Length input: 0x100000 (in the FRP Account)

6. Next, you can immediately click Start. Switch off your Vivo Y69 device. Press and hold the Volume Up button while connecting it with a MicroUSB cable to the computer.

7. Just wait for the flash process until a green check or Download OK appears. When finished, disconnect the USB cable and turn on your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the simple steps on how to bypass Vivo Y69 FRP. Make this an experience that can teach you a lesson about actually using a smartphone.

Moreover, you have added a new email to your device. Don't let the same problem happen again. You can anticipate it by saving your email account with a small note. So, you can check every time you reset your device to factory reset.

That's my tutorial on how to bypass FRP Vivo Y69 Forgot Account. Hopefully this can be the right step to solve the problems you face on a smartphone.

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