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How To Hard Reset Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801)

In this post, I'm going to take a look at the hard reset Realme 2 pro. This is the phase in which it is important for You to know as a user of the mobile device.
So, also, the one thing that can help you to fix a few things, and if there are any problems that may arise.

If You are experiencing any of the stuck on the logo? If that happened, well, You can select to immediately restore all settings to the manufacturer. It's a solution that's right and it's easy to do it yourself.

If You don't know how to listen to the discussion, You're going to find a guide. A Hard reset is the one that suggested it to You as a user of the smartphone is Realme 2 pro.

Some of the issues that can happen to you is finished. Even though not all of them, and that You deserve to give it a try, and the outcome will determine, later on, after you get it done.

Maybe that will be quickly repaired, that is, when Your device frequently stops responding, or botloop for the most part of the application. If this does not help you to get it back, otherwise, You can also apply the solutions. Flash is the answer to it, and You will need to have some of the support files, i.e. with the official firmware.

Flashing on and off, You can do it with the use of a PC and the tools to support them.
You can also choose to start the install of the firmware via the recovery mode. If You don't have some of the support files that are needed, and I have shared it on previous occasions.

Unable to flash tutorial I will discuss later. Because of the setting of the hard reset may be needed for the very first time. How this can be done via the recovery mode, it's there on your smartphone.

To find out more about how you can get into the recovery mode, You'll find it on this guide.
Here you can see that You have made a backup of the existing data within the internal memory of Your android smartphone. This action will to remove shammua and data on smartphone apps, including Your favorite. If You do not see a chance to make a backup of it, You will be able to directly return the the course.

The following is about how to hard reset Realme 2 pro:

In the first phase, the Content of the power of a smartphone Realme 2 pro You the battery level of about 50%. After that, you you you you You can can turn off your phone and let it sit for a while.

In the second phase, You can now switch the power back on by pressing the second button the i. and it., Vol (-) key and then hold it for a few seconds.

In the third stage, You will see that your smartphone will display the language selection screen shown above.

In the fourth step, please push the button Vol (-) and Vol (+) as a scrol up or down, and the Power of choice.

In the fifth stage, You can choose the English language and Your device will appear in the menu of the Recovery Mode.

In the sixth step, select Wipe data, then Wipe data (Maintain calls, text messages, Contact and Photos.
In the seventh step, confirm on the ok button to start the command to clear the data on your smartphone.

In the eighth step, then wait until the notification is Cleared as well-off then select RESTART.

You can complete all of the stages above, it is only a few minutes, your smartphone will restart with the time that is sufficient to start the optimization of the application. After the smartphone reboots, You can specify multiple configuration, and Your device is ready to use again and again.

Don't panic if the app You have downloaded will be erased. It has to be, because the smartphone is going to start from the beginning. You will be able to download it again, if You are already logged in to the application on Playstore with the use of an e-mail.

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