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How to flashing reinstall Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801) Without Computer

Tutorial How to flashing reinstall Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801) Without Computer I’m going to discuss in this post. In the past, I have to explain about how to hard reset, and the procedure is the same, that is, by using the recovery mode. The steps in a flash, it will allow You to use your smartphone in order to install the software.
As a solution to overcome the stuck logo, error, and a few of them, You can pick it up, and it is very easy to do. All you need is a package of the firmware is official, and to figure out how to use it.

If You’re new to having a smartphone Realme 2 pro, You don’t have a lot to understand the stages of the flash. So, this post is going to help You. You can look at the beginning of each and every one of the procedures that are outlined, until You really understand it.
The Smartphone Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801) smartphones which uses ColorOS as well as the Oppo. So much so that all of the files submitted to the OTA update. You can also download the firmware from the official site, or through a recommendation of my own.
I have presented you several options of the file, in addition to the OTA update. If You encounter any problems, because you have forgotten your password, select a file with a special Tool. This is what You can get for free to help You out. To remove the password or lock the screen, you can only use it diflash via the PC.
Other than this post, which will tell you all about the flash and without the use of PC-support. As more and more fast, and only requires a few minutes and it was fixed. Bootloop problems that may occur on Your smartphone, it will be fixed in a future release.
So, too, some of them were related to a software problem. You can memeprbaiki it all, and Your phone will reboot.
Here is the home of the flash Realme 2 Pro, please listen to it as well:
In the first phase, the energy content of the smartphone is Really You on the level of the battery is above 50%.
In the second phase, the download of the firmware RMX1801EX_11_OTA_0240_all_HRfI3Iqii3cb.ozip then, move to the document root of your memory Card.
In the third step, append, or insert the Card into The SD card, then power off the smartphone.
In the fourth stage, you can connect Your smartphone to, then press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button until your smart phone can enter in Recovery Mode.
In the fifth stage, is under the Recovery Mode, select Install from a storage device.
In the sixth step, then the next, then select Install from SD card and find the firmware that is stored in the latter.
In the seventh step, select the firmware to start the installation.
In the eighth step, You will see a confirmation message appears on Your screen, then simply press “Yes”.
The first phase, The smartphone will automatically reboot and start the update of the software.
In the tenth step, the update process will take a couple of minutes, and expect to be successful.
In the eleventh step, You can choose to restart it.
All of the above steps is the right way to do the repair and also solution in order to solve the problem of the software. After all of the troubleshooting steps You’ve already done, and then just sit back and let Your phone being repaired. Please enter Your e-mail address, you are prompted to log in. If you don’t, You can now use your smartphone to start over again.

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