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How to Flash Reintall Samsung Galaxy A9, 2018 SM-A920F

Tutorial on how to flash the Samsung Galaxy A9 is going to be a part of what You can see in the attachment from Your own mobile device. This is done by using a PC) and, of course, with the support of the Odin which is there.
Some of the issues that appear on Your smartphone and it will be sorted out by the middle of this one. So, also, do you want to do the update and how to install it, the firmware is the same.
To overcome the problem of a bootloop, it is highly recommended to use the phases of the flicker. This includes filling out the new data to the smart phone and the old data will be overwritten. Thus, the smart phone can be restarted from the beginning, as a new purchase.
If You choose not to with a memory card-a flash – in-aid which may be made of, in addition to a suit manufacturer. To restore the settings keawal, or a hard reset, it’s not hard to find. You can do this from the settings menu or in recovery mode.
As for the flash it using the official firmware is the options of what You can do to fix the problems the operating system. Like when Your smartphone is stuck dilogo, what if I forgot my password, and others. Certainly, it is much more secure, and more successful than just doing a data wipe or reset to factory default.
If Your mobile phone is, in fact, stuck logo? I'd like to suggest that it would be better to prepare for the firmware. He began the corrective actions the memory flash is the best, because You can do it very quickly.
Especially if You don't understand about these stages, and today, You can find a guide.... A simple course on how to do this, and You can do it slowly and carefully. Most of all, You will already have the necessary equipment.

Here are the prepared:

The next one is on the stage and in the flash of a Samsung Galaxy-9:

In the first phase, and then Extract the firmware file You just downloaded and You will get 5 files inside the folder.
In the second step, to make sure that the driver for the SAMSUNG is already installed on Your PC.
In the third stage, switch off Your phone first and then press and hold the Volume (-) Volume (+) and as the plug of the supplied USB cable. Better to use the original USB cable that You get with Your smartphone. 

In the fourth stage, the Smartphone is going to be in download mode then open Odin and You will see that Odin will detect Your device in the blue box and come up with the number of the COM port.
In the fifth stage, Please add any file to any field in the same way they Came in with the name of the column in the BL, AP, CP, CSC. To use the CSC if You want to do a clean flash or at HOME COMPANIES if You would like to save your application and Its data. 

In the sixth step, the key is not to tick the box, and it is the only option that will be investigated is the F-Reset Time and Auto Reboot.
In the seventh step, and then You have to click on the Start button and wait for Odin to say "PASS" in the blue.
In the eighth step, After the flash is complete, Your device will reboot and You can disconnect your phone from the USB cable.
Just a few of the phases of the course, The smartphone that has previously error found will now restart. Maybe it's the risk You have is some of the data that has been removed.
If this is the case, then of course You are going to use your smartphone as if it were brand new. If you need to, You can use the email address that you had previously been active dismartphone do so.

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