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Vivo (S1) (PD1913F) Official Firmware

To get the firmware on the Live (S1) to support the repair software on Your smartphone. You can use this firmware for a few benefits. That is, to solve this problem, because it locked up on the logo, you unlock the lock screen, such as a password, and COMPLETE.
Flash is a way to fix Your phone, when you in some trouble. Not just because the piece of software, but also for some of them, such as an error, and don’t react to. If this happens on Your smart phone, there is a possibility that You can try to reset all settings to the manufacturer for a solution.

In this post, I’m going to give You a couple of options in the firmware for the flash, and maybe an update to the operating system for the sake of enhancing the stability of the system. You can choose the file from the OTA update, as the ROM for recovery with the SD card. If You want a solution to the problem of the password because you forgot it, You can choose the file with the Tool, and it is already in the firmware.
However, You should make a flash using the Tool that it is. This can be useful as well as the difficulty of installing the update via the recovery mode. At times, your smartphone already, it is hard to get into the recovery menu, and You can only use the second one, that is, that the flash using the Tool on the PC.
You can now download the firmware You need for the preparation of the flash unit. Once You have this file, You can set Your own pace, in accordance with the stock ROM that You already have that. A guide to the use of this file, You can find it, because I don’t talk about it.
The version of the Software to the latest for Vivo (S1)
Version number:
Date Of Update: 16-09-2019
Size: 3 GB
Software update via Recovery
Download via Support
If You want to use the Tool and how to install it, try it, You might check the USB connector on Your smartphone. To make sure that it is normal that you can ngecas also be able to connect to the PC. Without it working properly, you you you you You can’t use the firmware to be installed on your smartphone.
Here’s an important note: Make a Backup of Your data before the flash is done, because this will erase all user data, including Contacts, text Messages, and Media such as Pictures and Videos that are stored in the internal memory of the mobile device. Except the experience of the smartphone in bootloop because of the opportunities that the backup will not be done.
What is the firmware for the Live of me, as part of the information available to You and it shows in the material support for the program. You to fix Your phone due to the problems with the software, the smartphone will be restored to as good as new. Everything is brand new and it’s great for the back, as You have to buy a new smartphone.

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