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Bypass FRP Tool Apk 2019 Without Computer

The list below is the newest collection of frp bypass tools apk 2019 without a computer.

Before we discuss the definition of FRP or Factory Reset Protection, we should look first at the habits of people who lost their cellphones before Google introduced this feature. When we lose a cellphone, what matters is the SIMCard in the cellphone. We don't mess around with the cellphone because it can be said that it's impossible to get it back. The only thing that can be expected is that the SIMCard on the cellphone is not misused.

How: none other than us to contact the relevant operator or the SIMCard gallery in the nearest city to report the loss. Thus, cards that have been lost will be blocked by the operator, and we will get a new SIMCard with No. the same one.

Smart thieves simply do a factory reset and replace the SIM card with a new one, then sell it without knowing that the phone is stolen. In other words, location tracking cannot be done by the cellphone owner. For this reason, there is now something more, and it is a relatively new feature that you will start seeing often lately: Factory Reset Protection or FRP.

What is FRP or Factory Reset Protection?

In March 2015, Google introduced the Factory Reset Protection feature to protect Android smartphones from theft. This means that if an Android smartphone has been stolen, the thief cannot use the smartphone even though he has done a hard reset or factory reset, because the phone will remain locked.

Many cellphone manufacturers have activated this new feature on their flagship phones in an effort to deter potential thieves with the following notes;
  1. If your phone is supported by Android 5.1 (Marshmallow) or newer
  2. If you use a Google account on your cellphone.
  3. If you set a screen lock (lockscreen).
How to bypass FRP? for FRP bypass we have provided several apk tools which of course also have different uses for the Android version





5.Test DPC.apk

6.Hush SMS.apk

7.Menu Button.apk

8.Remote Frp.apk

9.Dev Setting.apk

10.FRP Bypass.apk

11.Android 7 Frp Bypass.apk

12.Mail Test Service

13.Android 9 Pie.apk

14.FRP SMS.apk

15.Nova Launcher.apk

Apex Launcher.apk


BlackBerry Launcher.apk


20.Phone Clone.apk

Warning!! tool is not allowed for illegal acts or stolen devices. all use is at your own risk.

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