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How to Open Deep Web on Android Without Fear of hacking

Many believe that deep web is the deepest, darkest part of the internet. Dark in the sense that it contains loads of illicit content and illicit transactions involving hackers and cyber criminals.

Reportedly the website that you access now is only 10% of the total that is on the internet. That means the other 90% are hidden in the deep web or dark web. Curious about the deep web content? PC Riot will give you how to open the deep web on Android safely without risk of hacking.

How to Securely Open Deep Web on Android

Believed to be a hotbed of hackers and cyber criminals, deep web can not be visited haphazardly. Need special protection to access the deep web. You can safely open the deep web on Android in the following way.

Tools Needed to Open Deep Web on Android

To be safe, prepare the following equipment before you access the deep web with your smartphone. Do not you want a hacker who hacked into the smartphone via the IP network you use because of opening it without preparation?

  • Black tape to cover front and rear camera of your smartphone
  • Orbot app. Orbot will create a virtual connection that allows you to break through Tor networks that do not support Proxies, such as deep web.

  • Orfox app. This is a special browser that is believed to be safe to open deep web. Why is it safe? Because Orfox is a special browser that support Tor network.

How to Open Deep Web with Android

After all the equipment is ready, now you can start opening the deep web via Android smartphone. How To:
  • Close the front and back of your smartphone with black duct tape. Just in case of hackers accessing camera smartphones. Do not forget to also turn off your smartphone location access.
  • Enable Orbot. Then do not forget to enable the Orbot VPN service for the Orfox app. To be more secure.
  • Open Orfox, and input the deep web address you know. The deep web address is usually changing, please search for yourself. The Rat path does not provide a web address here to prevent unwanted things.
For security reasons, Orfox does not allow us to take screenshots. But, here's proof that Pc Riot has already explored the deep web in this way:
Hidden Wiki

Prof secure deep web

So far PC Riot has successfully accessed the web deep safely. There are not many strange things that PC Riot find on the web so far. But one thing is for sure, all transactions in the web must use bitcoin. Interested in trying it?

Disclaimer: PC Riot just gives you how to open the deep web on your Android smartphone safely. As for all the risks that occur next if you try this tutorial alone.

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