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Top five countries become the favorite hackers attack

Cyber ​​attacks are big news all weekend. After a scam message that sends Google Docs links to Gmail users, the latest WansCry ransomware spreading to 150 countries and infecting more than 200 thousand computers in the world.

Top Five  Countries Hackers
Until now it is not known who the perpetrators and where this cyber crime originated. But US security firm Symantec in April 2017 released a report that contains countries the source of cyber attacks in the world.

Which country is the location of the biggest cyber attack? From Business Insider page, here listed below.

5. Germany
Germany ranks fifth as the home country of the attack siber version of Symantec. According to the list, in 2015 and Germany was in the 8th position as the country of origin of cyber attacks.

Symantec found that Germany is responsible for 3.35 percent of cyber attacks in the world detected throughout 2016.

4. India
Compared to 2015, India ranked as the country of origin of cyber attacks declined. Last year, India ranks third as the country of origin of cyber attacks and this year is in fourth.

5.11 percent of worldwide cyber attacks originated in India. In February 2016, Hitachi ATM system in India was a target of cyber crime for two months.

3. Brazil
According to Symantec, cyber attacks originating from Brazil increased sharply compared to 2015. In 2015, Brazil was ranked 10th as the country of origin of cyber attacks. Now, 5.84 percent of the cyber attacks that occur in the world is estimated to come from Brazil who is in third position.

2. China
Did you know that while the Chinese government restricts access to Internet pages in the country, cyber crime is pretty much coming from this country.

Symantec found that at least 9.63 percent of the world's cyberattacks were carried out in China. In fact, last year China ranks first source of cyber crime.

In July 2016, CNBC reported malware originating from China has infected more than 10 million Android devices worldwide.

1. United States
The United States became the main country of origin of cyber attacks that occur worldwide. Symantec found, at least 23.96 percent of cyber attacks in the world predicted come from the United States.

In 2015, 18.89 percent of cyber attacks originated in the United States and the country occupies the second position as a place of origin of cyber attacks.

Not only the five countries above, Symantec also mentioned there are a number of other countries that became the source of cyber attacks, among them are Vietnam, Japan, France, England, and Russia.

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