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How to play PS4 Games On Android

Play Game PlayStation 4 via Android

Who is not familiar with the PlayStation right now? PlayStation is a game console created by Sony in 1994, and has become a very coveted console gamers. Obviously, the article games on the PlayStation is proven to have excellent quality.

Currently the PlayStation has entered the 4th generation. It's exciting to play PlayStation 4 (PS4). In addition to good gameplay, also offers cool graphics as well. Well, this time Jaka would love to know another fun way to enjoy the PS4, which is playing PS4 games via HP Android. Check it out!
PlayStation 4 Play via Android Never when we want to play PS, we have constraints, maybe because family TV is being used, or we are traveling. Usually the solution I found is to use a portable monitor that is like a laptop. But you know what? Now you can take advantage of your Android smartphone as a monitor to play the PlayStation 4!

Actually this can be done officially by using a special application that is PlayStation remote. But unfortunately, this application can only be used on the Sony Xperia series only Sony output. In this discussion, all Android smartphones can be used for this really!

Getting Started

Before starting, I thank the developers of the XDA forums that enabled this to happen. Well, here's next that need to be prepared:

  • PlayStation 4 which is connected with PSN account.
  • Any Android smartphone with Android above 4.2.

Getting Started On Android

First, download and install the following apps via smartphone. Click here for download link. If it is, it will come out like this view.
Then you can start connecting with bluetooth controller if you want, either PS4 controller or third party controller. But you can also use the touch control as a controller. If you use a third-party controller, further configuration for customization will be required. 

After that login to your PSN account, it will come out the display as below. 

Enable PlayStation 4

It's time to start moving to PS4. Turn on and enter the settings menu as shown below.

Select remote play, then choose add device.

Then will come out eight numbers as below. Put that number to your smartphone.

After entering the number to the smartphone, here are the results.
Well, that's how to play PS4 games via Android. It's easy, right? This can be successful thanks to the hard work of third-party XDA developers. Now Jaka so can play PS4 games like using the new Nintendo Switch, can be taken anywhere. So good luck.

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