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Dagger Mod Firmware Custom Logo

How To Make Custom Logo Dagger 80W Mod Vape Vapor Vaporizer

Custom Logo Firmware Dagger Mod

Boot interface customization operation steps:

Make custom boot LOGO with drawing software, below steps:
Step 1: open the drawing software drawing / paint windows start menu.
Step 2: click to view, all selected to check.

Step 3: choose box for 128 * 32 of the grid.

Step 4: click on theStep

Step 5: choose box type area.

Step 6: enter text (a text box live separately adjust the distance or direction).

Step 7: point drawing choose save as BMP image format.

Step 8: save the file, must be stored as a monochrome bitmap.
Step 9: open the pictures, make sure text location is correct.

Upload a custom LOGO, the following step:

  • Download the upgrade package from reekbox website or direct link download, After the decompression,choose Double click on the install.

Step 2
  • Install this update to your computer. 

Step 3:
  • 1.Opens first upgrade program on a computer interface.
  • 2.With MICRO USB cable connected to the computer, device display shows "Charge", "Update" two options, select "Update", as defined by the ignition key is short.
  • 3.If the connection is successful, the update will automatically testing equipment.

  • 4. Click "Open Logo" button, upload make good Logo image file.

  • 5. Click "Update Logo" button, the upgrade.

  • 6. When on the left side of the upgrade progress bar all green, custom boot LOGO set to complete.

Note: when the progress bar is not all turn green, said the upgrade failed, please operate again all the steps "step 3".
Upgrade Software Intructions and Custom Boot Logo Dagger Mod 80w included in Download Pack.

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