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How To Update Vaporizer VTwo mini

How do I update the firmware or software Evic VTwo Mini Firmware V5.04
As with other devices such as smartphones or vape vaporizer middle class also usually also have firmware or software system that is quite sophisticated as well.
New Interface Evic VTwo Mini Firmware V5.04
How To Install Update Firmware Vaporizer Vape ?
Here's How to vape Flashing Vapor EVIC Vtwo Mini:
  • Download the latest Firmware V5.04 (including the updater tool and logo)
  • Extract the downloaded into a folder
  • Open UpdateFirmware.exe
  • Connect the data cable VTwo mini To Computer
  • Select UPDATE (find eVic_VTwo_mini_V5.04.bin) <to update software
  • Select LOGO (find logo.png) <if you want to replace the logo

Please see vidio tutorial How to Update Software EVIC VTwo Mini

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